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Magician Matt Dunn

See magician Matt Dunn as he performs a new family-friendly show weeknights at Big Thrill Factory in Minnetonka. Billed as his “biggest magic show to date,” Dunn says guests can expect sawing in half, levitation, new live animals and more at the dinner and magic shows.  Read more about Magician Matt Dunn

Youth Art Month Show: Hopkins School District K–12

Many young artists itch for a space to showcase their masterpieces. In its youth art show, the Hopkins Center for the Arts features work by artists from the Hopkins School District. Ranging in ages from kindergarten through senior year, each artist has something powerful to offer. Exhibitions are held during center hours; visit the website for more information. 952.979.1111. Read more about Youth Art Month Show: Hopkins School District K–12

Young People’s Concert

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Music Association of Minnetonka, which performs nearly 100 concerts each year. For the inaugural performances of 2014, the Minnetonka Symphony collaborates with young artists for the Young People’s Concert. The group also performs February 23 at Minnetonka Methodist Church. Visit the website for more information. 952.401.5954. Read more about Young People’s Concert

Bullshot Crummond

Presented by Minnetonka High School, Bullshot Crummond parodies the hilarity of low-budget detective movies in the 1930s. Detective Bullshot Crummond saves the day in heroic British fashion by outsmarting Otto Von Brunno. Check website for ticket prices and performance dates. 952.401.5898. Read more about Bullshot Crummond

Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour

The Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour is  a delightful way to celebrate Spring!! 11 artists in the Lake of Minnetonka area; Deephaven, Excelsior, and Minnetonka "open" their studios for exhibit and sales. These talented artists, along with their guest artists show an extraordinary variety of innovative,unique, and inspired artworks including ceramics, jewelry, fiber, basketry, wood, sculpture, 2D and 3D mixed media and original fine art paintings that are pastels, botanical, contemporary, and abstract. Read more about Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour

Almost, Maine

Romantic comedies are not strictly for the movies. Set in the city of Almost, the city’s couples begin to fall in love in humorous and unexpected ways. Almost, Maine is a wintry comedic tale, directed by Kent Knutson. Check website for ticket prices and show times; dinner is available for an additional charge. 952.474.5951. Read more about Almost, Maine


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