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Hot Dash 5K & 10 Mile

Spring may be just around the corner, but tough Minnesotans know that to keep warm, you’ve got to keep moving. Runners from around the Twin Cities will brave the brisk weather to kick off their running season. Whether this is your hundredth race or you’re still learning to tie your tennis shoes (that’s right, kids, you can join, too!), be sure to join in the fun and the post-race party featuring classic Minnesota dishes, a lumberjack costume contest and a winter beard competition. $45–$65 until March 2; $51–$71 until race day. 9 a.m. Read more about Hot Dash 5K & 10 Mile

Jake O’Connor’s Luck O’ the Lake 5K

There’s a wild green mass overtaking the streets of Excelsior this St. Patrick’s Day, but don’t run away—run with it! Jake O’Connor’s Luck O’ the Lake 5K Fun Run is ready to paint the town green once again. A sea of leprechauns, lads and lasses make up this festive event, and you can be a part of it. The run takes you on a scenic Excelsior route, with a finish-line celebration. Visit website for registration details. $40. 9 a.m.–12 p.m. Read more about Jake O’Connor’s Luck O’ the Lake 5K

Big Island and Back 10k Nordic Ski Dash

Bundle up and grab your skis for a day of fun on the lake. The third year of this race promises to be even bigger and better, featuring a post-race party at newly expanded Excelsior Brewing. Proceeds go to the Freshwater Society and the ICA Food Shelf Program. To sign up or volunteer at the race, visit the website. $45. 1 p.m. Lake Minnetonka, near the dock at Water and Lake in Excelsior; 952.474.6461; Read more about Big Island and Back 10k Nordic Ski Dash

Muscle Wisdom Talk & Interactive Workshop

Weight loss may be the wrong approach to active aging. New research shows that increasing muscle mass is the key... and strength training offers the answer. Having adequate strength is essential for preventing sarcopenia (leading to frailty); lowering the risk of chronic disease; preventing falls; and increasing longevity. For example, studies show that grip strength is an indicator of current and potential health. Read more about Muscle Wisdom Talk & Interactive Workshop

Living Medicine with Dr. Gladys McGarey

Dr. Gladys McGarey, M.D. M.D.(H), the Mother of Holistic Medicine, comes to The Marsh on September 18 to share her vision of Living Medicine and recent life lessons. Dr. Gladys, who turns 94 in November, advocates for a paradigm shift in the consciousness of health care towards Living Medicine, which she says views illness not as something to be battled, but as life to be lived. It embraces the wisdom of our inner physician, understands that pain has purpose, and that being free of symptoms is not the same as full health. Dr. Read more about Living Medicine with Dr. Gladys McGarey

The Meaning of Empowerment: The Slippery Slope of Incapacity

Many baby-boomers worry about the care needs for an elderly parent.  Their parents may live with the uncertainty of chronic illness and disability and have a whole host of planning issues.  However, either caregivers are overwhelmed with conflicting information or don't know where to seek help.  Such a lack of information, or the wealth of conflicting information, adds to their anxiety about caring for an elderly parent.  Indeed, it takes a team to protect an elderly person and every aspect of planning should be addressed. Read more about The Meaning of Empowerment: The Slippery Slope of Incapacity

Bump & Bruise Clinic for Young Athletes

If you're a concerned parent of a young athlete regarding sports injuries and risks, come to a free information session to learn how funcitonal movement screening can help them prevent fruther injury, diagnose issues and quicken recovery.

Presented by Merz Physical Therapy at The Marsh, Merz will then follow with free screenings by appointment to identify movement dysfunction and assess an array of athletic injuries. Screenings are provided for school-age and collegiate athletes to determine needs for further medical treatment or corrective exercise. Read more about Bump & Bruise Clinic for Young Athletes


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