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Brad Robinson and author Linda Tedford will be signing copies of Brad’s just-released book, “The Price of Victory and the Fear of Innovation,” at Brightwater Clothing & Gear in downtown Excelsior on Saturday, June 6.

The Price of Victory exposes how a group of sailors rejected innovation to suppress competition in the sport of A Scow racing. It tells the story of how Brad Robinson wanted to advance the world of competitive sailing by building a better A Scow sailboat – as a gift to the Inland Lake Yachting Association – only to be vilified by members of the fleet he was trying to help.

After having his A Scow design rejected, Robinson then launched a new, faster class of scows in 2007 – the carbon fiber V38. Robinson hopes that by sharing his story he may find a future market and a willing fleet for this highly advanced class of scows.

Copies of the book will be available for purchase and to have signed; $35 for softcover and $50 for a hardcover, coffee table version.

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Saturday, June 6