Excelsior Brewing Co. Launches Two Beers Inspired by the Tropics

As the days get warmer, beers change to match the seasons. Spring beers from local brewers are usually lighter styles with a crisp taste, while winter beers tend to be heavier and with higher alcohol content.
John Klick, co-owner of Excelsior Brewing Co., revealed some new additions to the tap, which include two fresh fruit combinations. Dragonfruit Milkshake IPA and A Day at The Peach sour ale make the taster feel like they’re lounging on a tropical island, even if there’s still snow on the ground. “Fruit-infused, thirst-quenching brews make great spring beers,” Klick says.

Klick’s favorite new beer is the Minnehahop IPA, which he recommends pairing with spicy foods like fish tacos.