Fairy and Gnome Gardens from Otten Bros.

Create a magical, miniature world with fairy and gnome gardens from Otten Bros.

As winter turns to spring, get ready for a new season of growing ahead by creating your own fairy garden that can be transplanted outside once the weather warms. “You can’t do it wrong,” says Kari Line at Otten Bros. in Long Lake. From an indoor imaginative fairy garden to an outdoor large-scale gnome playground, Otten Bros. has everything you need and the experts to provide guidance. 


These miniature gardens are a great way for parents and grandparents to introduce kids to gardening, as the fairy and gnome accessories have proved popular. “Once you get started, it’s a bit addictive,” confesses Otten Bros’ Kris Uter.


To get started, here are a few of the experts’ recommendations:

Mini patio kit, $24.99

Arbors, $9.99–$29.99

Gnome homes, $39.99–$99.99

Fairy furniture, $2.99–$9.99

Minnesota Hardy miniature plants, $9.99–$19.99