Finances Get Zany

Minnetrista author releases financial thriller novel.

Minnetrista author Quentin Brent (a pen name inspired by the first names of his two sons) released his first book, The Reason, last October.

A University of Minnesota graduate with a degree in economics, Brent has 15 years of experience working in banks, including as a bank president for the past five. He explains that he’s “seen the role debt plays and how it affects economic structure and society.”

Brent says that, through fiction, The Reason aims to give readers a glimpse into the world of high finance. The protagonist, Zane Donovan, works at a mergers and acquisitions firm, and when his family is abducted, he learns that the Federal Reserve has been applying quantitative easing practices, a policy to stimulate the economy, to achieve criminal-level goals.

Brent was inspired by a quote from Maya Angelou that refers to criminals: “If they had known better, they would have done better.” Brent kept this in mind while creating his characters. “[These criminals] are a product of a past that has forced them into circumstances and into that decision. Don’t judge people by how they act, try to understand the reasons behind what people are doing.”

To purchase a book online or keep up with Brent’s upcoming events, visit Quentin Brent's website here.