Fireside Hearth & Homes Offers New Trends for Your Fireplace This Winter

The linear fireplace trend arrives in Minnesota.

Looking to upgrade your fireplace this winter? The pros at Fireside Hearth & Home share some important factors to consider. First, note that wood-burning fireplaces are still the less popular choice in the metro area, and sales at Fireside in Minnetonka reflect this: 90 percent of their business is for gas fireplaces.

Fireside says that the long-and-narrow look is in this winter, with gas fireplaces that span the length of an entire wall or partial wall. These options look lovely, but won’t keep you quite as warm as a traditional box; linear fireplaces simply give off less heat, on average, than more traditional shapes.

The Primo model is one of the, ahem, hottest linear fireplace options. Starting at about $8,000, the unit can be controlled with a wireless remote. Clients can also customize their fireplace with different colors of crushed translucent glass from which the flames rise, and each Primo unit comes with seven different LED color illumination options. Snuggle up and get toasty.

Many linear fireplaces include glass on both sides, which allows them to light up two rooms at once on a separating wall.