Fleurish Boutique Creates the Perfect Present with Personalized Gifts

Fleurish Boutique helps create unique, personalized gift baskets.

Finding the perfect gift can be intimidating. It’s not easy to balance personal, useful and thoughtful in one package. Luckily, shops like Fleurish Boutique in Excelsior have the expertise to help.

Specializing in personalized gifts, Fleurish grew from a basement operation to a storefront in Wayzata to its current location in Excelsior, fully staffed, where they have been for the last three and a half years.

“We love the community in Excelsior,” says owner Lindi Dillon. “We get a wide range of people that come in, and there’s a great mix of other retail stores, restaurants and services. It feels like a main street of old, which is hard to duplicate these days.”

This diverse clientele, all looking for unique and personal gifts, helped Fleurish Boutique grow into a full-service gift store, with items for all occasions. “In the beginning, we were strictly gift baskets for corporations to give out during their fourth business quarter,” says Dillon. “Since then, we’ve evolved into a full retail gift store.”

Dillon noticed that personalized gift baskets were in demand throughout the year, so she began to explore making seasonal baskets for personal purchases, not just for corporate clients. Customers began calling in with ideas, and Dillon helped them find the right items at the right price points. Soon, she started carrying items that could be included in a gift basket, or gifted individually.

With a large part of her business focused on creating personalized gifts for clients, Dillon places a great deal of importance on caring for each and every customer. “We love our customers,” says Dillon. “Working with them to find a gift is really satisfying, especially when we come up with something so unique they can’t duplicate it anywhere else.”

When she goes about crafting a gift, Dillon works frequently with local vendors and items from her own store. In addition to creating unique baskets, Fleurish usually stocks about 10 to 15 ready-to-go baskets that customers can purchase without any additional personalization. A basket might include anything from stationery to makeup bags to custom totes or towels.

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, Dillon reminds shoppers to consider giving a small token of affection, and not only to romantic partners. “It doesn’t have to be a big gift—just something simple to say ‘I love you’ to someone,” she says. “I think it’s a great time to remember the people in your life.”

Treats for Someone Sweet
For Valentine’s Day prezzies, check out some of Lindi Dillon’s favorite gifts from Fleurish.

  • An Initial herringbone blanket ($42). “These are great for cozying up with your loved one,” says Dillon.
  • A gratitude penny jar ($22) filled with love notes.
  • A Valentine treat basket (prices vary), stuffed with gourmet chocolate, peanut butter sea-salt cookies, lemon raspberry popcorn and caramels.