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plated square apple pie

Pie–she’s often the underappreciated sister in the dessert family. Cake gets all the glory—candlelit entrances at birthdays and tiered seating at weddings, and all eyes are on her first slice at a host of gender reveal parties.

There is almost nothing as comforting as made-from-scratch pizza—but, to be frank, there aren’t a bevy of local eateries where from-scratch pies can be found.

March Madness party food and decorations

For some, March means celebration—for others, it’s a time of sports-fandom despair. And it all hinges on the fate of “March Madness,” the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s springtime men’s Division I basketball tournament.

If beer isn’t your thing—or if you’re just tired of hearing about it at this time of year—we’ve got seasonal wine picks from John Farrell, vice president of sales and merchandising for Haskell’s.

If you try to list some of the classic downtown Saint Paul establishments, it is likely that The St. Paul Grill comes up in conversation. Nestled in The Saint Paul Hotel, across the street from Rice Park, The St.

The Golden Fig bills itself as a “fantastic little shop,” featuring U.S.-produced artisan food and complementary goods. However, the Grand Avenue fixture since 2006 is more than a foodie’s mecca for all things truly scrumptious and savory.

Meritage, the award-winning French restaurant, was born in what owners Desta and Russell Klein call a “tumultuous year.”

At 22 years old, Julie Barton had recently graduated from school and was struggling with severe depression. She was at a loss where to turn next. In the throes of darkness, she decided to adopt a golden retriever, and this decision had a profound effect on her well-being.

While cooking, it’s easy to take spices for granted. Most of us think nothing of using a pinch of this and a dash of that to make food taste better. But once upon a time, spices were as precious as gold.