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Soulaire Allerai, owner of Bad Rooster Food Truck

In 2020, a new face (read: rooster) strutted into the Lake Minnetonka culinary scene. A family-owned business, Bad Rooster food truck, set up shop on Minnetonka Mills Road and began traveling around the Twin Cities, bringing with it a variety of

Thanks to one scary experience, Charles Anderson decided to make a life change—no more meat. He and his wife, Nikki, were on their first date eight years ago at a steakhouse. In the middle of eating, Anderson passed out and was taken away in an ambulance.

To eat a meal at Khyber Pass Café is to be fed in the most nourishing sense. The food is restorative and filling, the kind a weary traveler would want set down before her.

A debut novel by Catie Disabato, The Ghost Network (Melville House Publishing, 278 pages, $16.95), follows a self-appointed detective as she attempts to uncover the whereabouts of Molly Metropolis, a famous pop star, who has mysteriously disappeared.

Gary Ezell, head chef at Excelsior’s Joey Nova’s, is not a man to do things halfway. When he says that Joey Nova’s is a family-based business, he really means the whole family. “One thing that I’ve noticed,” he says, “is that four-legged friends are like family.”

Summer just isn’t complete without a good burger—and grilling it out yourself is a must to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

In 2005, Bess Giannakakis started a 15-seat restaurant in Minneapolis and named it Colossal Café.

As Minnesotans, we are duty-bound to enjoy our many lakes to the max; our state motto won’t let us forget our natural abundance of water (86,936 square miles of it, across the state). We are deep in the season to be on the lake, and by “on the lake” we mean boating.

If you ever find yourself debating with friends or family where to meet for brunch, search no more. The Buttered Tin, TBT for short, offers American breakfast classics made in a fresh, homemade and updated way.