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Tim Niver and J.D. Fratzke: You know these guys. If you don’t, you know someone who does—a neighbor who went on a great date, a friend who went on a bad date or perhaps a co-worker who had a killer night out with friends.

As he gestures to his surroundings in the West Side restaurant, Alfredo Frías comments on the history all around him: “Everything tells a story,” he says. “There is a story to everything on the wall.”

Bill Waddington studied tea for 20 years before opening TeaSource in Highland Park in 1996. He shares his top three tips for brewing the perfect cup:

Are you tired of hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Besides which, if it’s so important, why do so few of us bother with it? Maybe we resist because the dictate sounds a little bossy; maybe it’s that an extra hour of sleep is more compelling.

Every great party begins and ends with the guests, and the moments in between should be filled with spirited laughter and sparkling conversation. Home wine tasting parties can inspire an event to remember with effortless planning that will leave guests wanting another glass of hospitality.

Wine Republic seems like any other wine shop. It’s small and quaint, located right in the heart of downtown Excelsior.

Sweet-tooth and health fanatics can have their cake and eat it too, thanks to a new baker who proves that organic treats don’t need to sacrifice amazing taste.

McCormick’s Pub & Restaurant has always been a cozy spot to grab a beer and great fare with friends, but recent renovations have only increased its appeal.

Soup is a transformative food. It has the power to heal, comfort and fortify—in short, it’s the ideal winter nourishment.

As Minnesotans, there are landscapes we become accustomed to seeing. Wise old trees reflected in glassy lakes are as familiar to us as our own reflections in the mirror. It’s easy to lose sight of how majestic our sights really are.