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Holiday Dessert Wines

’Tis the season for entertaining, and what to serve is surely at the forefront of every host’s mind. But this year’s holiday gatherings needn’t be daunting. Take the pressure off by whipping up an appetizer that’s both classy and crowd-pleasing—the dip.

ONLINE HED: The Herbs That Make Lake-Area Dining Delectable 
ISSUE: LKM 10.14
SECTION: Feature

In May 2014, Excelsior Brewing Co. celebrated Memorial Day weekend with food, trucks, bands and lots of beer.

Summer is in full swing, and our hearts are as light as our appetites. We are overwhelmed with lush produce and a collective sense of goodwill toward Mother Earth and her farmers. Salad is the go-to meal of the moment.

A progressive dinner—“safari supper,” if you’re in England—is a dinner party where you mow through a meal, course by course, in various homes. Like a potluck, only you go to the food instead of the other way around. Fun, right? Sure, except for the cooking, dishwashing and tidying parts—ugh.

Mimosas from Hazellewood Bar and Grill complete a weekend brunch on their outdoor patio.

Slainte! Cent’anni! Skol! Prosit! Salud! Na zdorovie! L’chaim! Bottoms up! Every culture has a word to convey the same idea: Let us drink together, to health, to life and to this moment. It’s a simple ritual, heartfelt yet quick.

 Tom Peterson, owner of Glen Lake Café, is proud of all their dishes, including the delicious walleye.

The vibe at one of Minnetonka’s newest eateries, Glen Lake Café, differs from other spots in town.