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Norway’s constitution was signed on May 17, 1814, and declared the country independent (in the hope of avoiding a takeover by Sweden after the Napoleonic Wars).

Stunning lake views. Sun-drenched deck seating. A wear-what-you-want vibe. They’re things you could find in a real estate listing for any Lake Minnetonka home.

Entrée Nous founder Elizabeth Menke visited a European food festival that offered a guide to the area’s best dining spots. Afterward, she decided that the Twin Cities could use a similar approach to our beloved mealtimes.

Paris for One & Other Stories

For 20 years D’Amico & Sons on Grand Avenue has been offering tried and true meals that customers love. But, co-founder Larry D’Amico says, that can be a source of both praise and complaint.

Kevin Horn is a tremendously talented dude. His photographs not only exemplify a deep understanding of his craft, but also leave the viewer with a great sense of ambience in his images.

When 6Smith owner Randy Stanley first moved to Excelsior, he admits he was stymied by the geographical—and culinary—void that existed in the suburban space between Minneapolis and Maple Grove.

In the ever-changing Twin Cities food scene, most independent restaurants are considered lucky to see their fourth anniversary, let alone their eighty-fourth.

Jim Rogers knew he was Irish by age 5. “My mother never let me forget. She pinned green shamrocks to my shirt when I went off to school,” he says. That was St. Patrick’s Day—maybe a superficial way to recognize one’s heritage, but one that stands out.

“When you go to Disney World, you expect to see Mickey Mouse—not just one ear, but two. That’s their brand,” says Brian Schmechel, general manager of the Saint Paul Hotel. “And we have ours.”