GermanFest 2015

  • Tyler Thostenson, McCartney Goff and Milo
  • Heinrich Fox, Darrel Schenk and Tyrone Schenk
  • Candice Her and Kayla Zirpel-Proctor
  • Sue Lorenz and Toni Brown
  • Phil Gagne and Ryan Solomonson
  • Cotter Kelly, Bruce Larson, and Luke Hvidhyld
  • Jenny Schultz and Nic and Victoria Nett
  • Paul and Tiffany LeSchishin, with Huey and Keetza
  • Carly and Will Kinney
  • Colin Murray
  • Tou Lo and Matt Haslach
  • Ort Kolewe
  • Ben Hanson, Mike Congdon and Mike Stroozas
  • Nathaniel and Stephanie de Sam Lazaro