Going Out

Sara Duffy

Sara Duffy is a travel enthusiast and owner of SRD International, a luxury travel concierge business with offices in Minnesota and California.

Summer and music: two things that Minnesota undoubtedly knows how to do right. This summer, Victor’s on Water will be continuing its Victor’s on Vinyl music series, inspired by a Billboard Magazine article.

A huddle of New Yorkers descends narrow steps into a basement jazz club—toward trumpet honks and piano-key trickles.

The view of Lake Minnetonka is so well-known to locals that we could almost paint it perfectly with our eyes closed. Get a new perspective on this familiar view with a Lady of the Lake cruise on June 18, Father’s Day.

The old vibe of the Minnesota Children’s Museum was decidedly wild and zany—a jumble of bright purples, reds and greens on the walls made for a look that was becoming dated.

It’s called Trivia Mafia because the organization has monopolized bar trivia in the Twin Cities. The group of five or so individuals pushes out a new set of 30 questions every day.

West Seventh Street on St. Patrick’s Day feels like a cold-weather Mardi Gras. Check out:

The Liffey, 175: A line forms around 1 p.m. Get there at 8 a.m. and ready yourself for Guinness and corned beef.

There’s always plenty to do right around Lake Minnetonka, especially in the spring and summer. But even for those of us who live here, it’s nice to get a change of scenery once in a while.

In May, hundreds of music lovers (young and old) gathered at St. Therese Catholic parish in Deephaven to listen (and dance along) to the Grammy award-winning Okee Dokee Brothers.

It’s once again time for the Old-Fashioned Holiday Bazaar at the Landmark Center, a favorite holiday tradition in Saint Paul.

August brought the return of the beloved Big Island and Back event, when local paddlers made their way from Excelsior Beach, around Big Island and back to shore.