A Good Place to Shop for All Things Sewing

Forty years on, Treadle Yard Goods is still offering great service with a new owner.

After working at Treadle Yard Goods for more than 21 years, Michele Hoaglund took over as the owner in 2015 when founder Mary Daley decided to retire. At the time, Hoaglund was working part-time shifts, cutting fabric and teaching classes, and admits she was a little hesitant about owning the shop.

But, she says, “I love customers, and I love teaching classes,” and made the decision to buy the store. According to Hoaglund, Daley, a Macalester graduate, originally opened Treadle Yard Goods to offer customers “a good old-fashioned sewing store with natural-fiber fabrics.” The shop recently celebrated its 41st anniversary.

Treadle Yard Goods gets its fabric from all over the world and offers a high-quality selection. They also sell buttons, patterns and trims. They have classes and offer help with both hand- and machine sewing. The store’s main focus is on everyday apparel, but Hoagland says they also stock fabrics for quilting, decorating, felting and bridal gowns.

“The biggest thing we provide is amazing customer service,” says Hoaglund, adding that all the employees know how to sew and have different areas of expertise.

The classes vary by skill and age levels. Most offered are for ages 14 and up, but there are some special classes for younger children that Hoaglund calls “kid camps.”

When Hoaglund purchased the store, she added the tagline “Sewing people together” because the store connects people. She says there have been situations where customers have helped other customers; the staff also knows many of their shoppers. Hoaglund calls Treadle Yard Goods “the Cheers of fabric stores” due to its community feel.

Upcoming classes:
May 11, 18, 25 Copy,
Ready to Wear
May 3, 10, 17 Beginning Apparel Sewing
May 24 Hand Sewing – Classic Techniques
Check website for more details. Register by phone or in person.