Have a Happy Holiday with Your Pet

Keith Miller, co-owner of Bubbly Paws, offers some health and safety tips.

Bright lights, shiny decorations and company at the house can create a very stressful time for your pooch. Below are a few quick and easy tips to help make your holiday more stress-free.

  • If you are lighting candles, place them higher up in a room so that a dog can’t knock them over or burn their tail.
  • When company comes over, make sure your pets have a quiet place, like a room or a crate, where they can go if they get too overwhelmed.
  • Tinsel and other sparkly ornaments should be placed higher up on trees and out of reach. Make sure to tape down wires and cords so your pooch does not get tangled in them.
  • When wrapping or opening gifts, keep your pooch away. Wrapping paper and string can create intestinal blockages if swallowed.
  • Dogs always seem to get into things when your regular vet’s office is closed. Make sure you know where the closest 24-hour emergency vet’s office is located; Animal Emergency and Referral Service in Oakdale can be reached at 651.501.3766. You can always call the emergency vet before going in and they can offer advice over the phone.
  • If you are traveling, make your dog’s boarding or doggy hotel reservations well in advance.  If your boarding facility offers doggy daycare, bring them to daycare a few times so they can get accustomed to the facility. Also bring a few items that will remind them of home. Make sure you provide contact numbers for where you will be staying or the number of a friend who will be in town that would be able to reach you in an emergency.
  • Make sure to plan ahead for grooming.  Most grooming shops fill up quickly before the holidays. If you waited until the last minute and can’t get a grooming reservation, swing into Bubbly Paws for a self-service bath.
  • The holidays are a time for giving and there are a number of great animal charities in the area. My personal favorite is People and Pets Together which works hard to keep dogs and cats out of shelters and in owners’ homes.
  • Don’t forget about your pooch this holiday season. They get just as excited for a new toy or treat as children do!  At Bubbly Paws, we have a great selection of holiday toys and treats.