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Picnic Proposal

The Wayzata Library holds a lot of great stories, but the area in front of the local bibliothèque was the scene of a special love story.

As with any good tome, let’s start at the beginning:

Glow Up

With warmer days shining from above, it is tempting to point our faces to the sun and soak up the rays while we can. But that can come

Spring Gleaming

Spring is upon us and with it comes a chance to freshen up our look for upcoming graduations, holidays, weddings and other social events. We turned to Haven Beauty Collective co-founders Julie Phaxay and Ingrid Kent for tips on how to spruce up our skin. 

Gray's Anatomy

There is a growing movement of women emboldened by shifting beauty standards to embrace their graying hair. Celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker and Andie MacDowell stepped out of quarantine with naturally silver coiffures.

maple tapping for syrup

Most students look forward to getting up and away from their school desks and outside for schoolyard games, chat sessions with pals and dose of fresh air. At St. Therese Catholic School, students have another sweet reason for looking forward to heading outside.

Father-Daughter Duo KJ and Casey Millhone

The Mississippi River. The Father of Waters. Old Man River. Whatever name it goes by, the mighty river holds a unique place in this nation’s history. Today, by some, it’s seen as a pathway for cargo ships and commercial fishing vessels.

Travel is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, and the benefits go well beyond taking a break from our lives. It opens us to new environments, cultures, cuisines and experiences.

organized luggage case

Smooth travels begin with organized luggage. Saving space, packing efficiently and preparing in advance can provide the freedom to enjoy much-deserved time off—wherever travels lead.

Eric Perkins

The schoolyard can be a microclimate for all sorts of shenanigans, melees and levels of social hierarchy at the most ridiculous levels, but who knew that recess could lay the groundwork for a future in television sports reporting.

physical fitness for the elderly

Improving the quality of life one step at a time, functional aging specialist and personal trainer Heidi Weinberg is training clients to stay independent as they age.