Health & Wellness

Last year, certified massage therapist Myra Wang had an idea. She envisioned wellness professionals gathering to share their skills and specialties, with the added benefit of showing people what an extensive health and wellness community Excelsior has to offer.

“Some people ride to hunt, and some people hunt to ride.”

When Heidi Whitaker lost a tooth when she was a girl, her mother would give her a little pillow to tuck it into so the Tooth Fairy could find it and leave behind a reward.

The Wayzata Community Sailing Center is known for filling the summers of every lake lover with endless memories out on the water. Let the memories continue on with the new Wayzata Community Sailing Center building.

Love is a tricky, sometimes sticky, situation to be in. When it first begins, it’s beautiful and refreshing. After some time, it becomes comfortable and reliable. But most don’t expect it to end. When it does, we become our own support systems.

Local author Robert Schneider has a thing for great coffee and great design. In 2013, he began turning his life-long hobby—and unrelenting curiosity about modern design—into Coffee Culture: Hot Coffee + Cool Spaces.

It’s called Trivia Mafia because the organization has monopolized bar trivia in the Twin Cities. The group of five or so individuals pushes out a new set of 30 questions every day.

West Seventh Street on St. Patrick’s Day feels like a cold-weather Mardi Gras. Check out:

The Liffey, 175: A line forms around 1 p.m. Get there at 8 a.m. and ready yourself for Guinness and corned beef.

There’s always plenty to do right around Lake Minnetonka, especially in the spring and summer. But even for those of us who live here, it’s nice to get a change of scenery once in a while.