Health & Wellness

apple orchard cider house

Fall creates a perfect chance to hit the road to enjoy stunning seasonal changes.

Elderberries for home remedies

In January—often a time of colds and sniffles—I look to a medicine shelf full of dried wild and weedy plants and mushrooms I collected during the warmer months.

"Tourney Time" author Loren Nelson.

"Tourney Time" explores the Minnesota boys’ state hockey tournament.

When you plant positive emotional seeds, you grow and reap the rewards.

A cabin in the snowy woods.

Set aside some time before or after the holidays to restore yourself.

A senior at The Pillars of Shorewood Landing uses a WellnessVR headset.

WellnessVR helps seniors at The Pillars of Shorewood Landing beat social isolation.

A woman packs her suitcase before a trip.

Travel is not a luxury—it’s essential for a healthy life.

Players from the National Rugby Football League

The National Rugby Football League (NRFL) is poised to move the sport into the U.S.

A collection of picthers containing fruit water.

An expert explains how nutritional needs alter over time.

A patient receives acupuncture treatment at Balanced Being in Excelsior.

Acupuncture and holistic wellness clinic Balanced Being provides equilibrium.

A cup of coffee sits near reading glasses and a book in a cozy nook.

Writer and podcast host Natalie Webster spent her entire adult life raising other people. Now she's only got one focus - herself.