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Young boy walking a dog in winter.

Some dog jackets parallel the best haute couture has to offer. Are they being worn for fashion or function?

Walk down the stairs of Scusi! in Excelsior, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Europe in the early 1900s. The decor and design boutique caters to those who love this kind of elegance.

Toss and turn? Count sheep? Desperate to escape your honey’s snoring? In Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep, journalist David K. Randall offers fascinating insights into the mystery of human slumber. Every moment of our lives depends on the quality of our sleep.

There are a lot of choices in the Lake Minnetonka area for fitness or spa treatments, but few that offer full packages for a healthier you.

In the summer, body hair removal becomes an increasingly pesky problem. The traditional methods of repeated shaving and waxing can cause infections, such as pseudofolliculitis barbae, a hair follicle infection common in men.

After a long, snowy winter, we’re ready to spend time on the lakes. We asked Scott Karo, owner of Anytime Fitness clubs in Excelsior and Chaska, for tips on getting ready for bikini weather. Here are his top two:

What better place to shake off the rain of spring and jump into summer than around Lake Minnetonka? Make the most of the area’s offerings this summer, whether you’re a longtime resident or lake-area newcomer.

Shelley Lidstone, left, and daughter Jennifer Bruns bring gourmet oils, salts and soaps to the lake area.

Inspired by a visit to an olive oil store in Wisconsin, Shelley Lidstone and her daughter Jennifer Bruns drafted a business plan.

Restoration of the shoreline has been underway since 2009.

“When people come to Cruiser’s Cove, they’re going to see a change,” says Telly Mamayek, communications director for Minnehaha Creek Watershed District.

Janice Marturano, founder of the Institute for Mindful Leadership

With Spring trying desperately to, well, spring, many of us are starting to feel ansty. A spring cleaning is in order: taking stock of our habits, our tendencies and our routines and deciding if they're still right for us. What can help?

The Three Rivers Park District offers introductory archery lessons for adults and families. Last spring, a few lake-area families met at Carver Archery Range to learn about archery equipment, range safety, proper shooting techniques and playing games. All photos by Jon Wright.