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Minnetonka Turkey Trot

For the past three years, community members and others have gathered on America’s hungriest holiday to support the Minnetonka High School track and field and cross country teams at the Tonka Turkey Trot.

It’s tempting to assume that the Minnetonka General Store Café is opportunistically jumping onto the “farm to table” bandwagon, but in fact, owner Gail Bollis and family helped build that wagon in the first place.

One winter’s day, a group of moms started downhill skiing together. Forty-three years later, Ski-Away alpine school offers weekly lessons to more than 100 students, with more than 25 certified instructors.


Each holiday season, Excelsior celebrates the state’s heritage, hosting Christkindlsmarkt, a Christmas celebration that incorporates German customs.

Kids going back to school, temperatures dropping, pulling out those boots and sweaters; with all the transitions that fall brings, it’s easy for our bodies to get out of sync. But taking care of ourselves can help keep us on track.

At age 16, John witnessed his father drink himself to death, before becoming an alcoholic himself. Eva was told by her doctor, “If you don’t stop drinking, you’ll probably die within a year.” Russell was 50 pounds underweight, living in his car, drinking mouthwash and having seizures.

Lake-area history buffs can learn more about our area’s rich past when they visit Excelsior’s first-ever welcome center, which celebrated its grand opening in June.

If you know me, you know I’m an animal-lover, and you know I’m partial to dogs. The mere site of a puppy will distract me from the most serious conversation.

Alex Larson first heard about myHealth—formerly known as the West Suburban Teen Clinic—when she was 15 years old. Now a senior at Oberlin College in Ohio, Larson is still involved with the teen clinic, volunteering there whenever she’s home on a school break.

At first glance, the sport of trampoline may seem like child’s play: a big bounce, a front flip and a twist mid-air. But Pat Henderson, owner and head coach of the Minnesota Twisters, says that trampoline is so much more accessible and beneficial than that.