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Picnic Proposal

The Wayzata Library holds a lot of great stories, but the area in front of the local bibliothèque was the scene of a special love story.

As with any good tome, let’s start at the beginning:

Deep roots. Family trees. Blossoming love. Personal growth.

The terrarium is back, but it’s not what you remember. Yes, it’s still a garden under glass, complete with its own unique eco-system, plant arrangement and beauty. And yes, a terrarium is still a fun, easy and effective way to bring the outdoors in.

On average it takes 40 gallons of sap to produce one gallon of syrup; that’s like filling a garbage can for a milk jug!

A few lake-area communities continue to refresh their recycling programs by revamping ways of the past in hopes to foster an eco-friendly future.

Spring break is here and summer’s coming so it’s time to talk waxing. According to Alicia Wagner, regional developer for European Wax Center, winter is great for waxing since hair should be at least as long as a grain of rice for the wax to grab it.

Help your child build positive social, emotional and moral skills at Kids Core in Mound.

Armed with a blow dryer and several round boar-bristle brushes, the team at Jon Charles Salon is traveling around the metro delivering blow outs, or salon-styled hair, in a classic Airstream trailer.

A store in downtown Wayzata will keep you and your family pleasantly protected all year round. Wintergreen Northern Wear primarily features its own brand of clothing, made in Ely.

“Time is a precious commodity,” says James P. Sweeney, founder and senior designer at Mom’s Landscaping & Design, so why spend it cleaning your yard?

Created to promote fun and safe snowmobiling, the Westonka Snoblazers snowmobile club brings together a diverse group of riders and their families to enjoy a fun outdoor winter activity.