Health & Wellness

The holiday season is notorious for decadent desserts and sweet treats. Diets are disregarded, and resolutions of healthy eating and exercise are made at the New Year but often don’t last long. For David Tolbert, however, this year brought a different story.

Finding your perfect summer spot is no easy task. Ideally, you want an outdoor setting that can please all the senses. Such a paradise isn’t far away.

Best Weekend Brunch: Sunsets
Runner-up: Pairings Food & Wine Market
Third place: Maynard’s

In the land of 10,000 lakes, there are also hundreds of golf courses. This summer, explore these five courses right here in our own backyard. Whether you’re a novice or experienced golfer, there’s a lake area course for you to enjoy.

Kiss your bad hair days goodbye! Thanks to a partnership with world-renowned hairstylist Oribe Canales, the Jon Charles Salon in Wayzata is one of two chains in the Twin Cities to carry the luxe Oribe Hair Care line.

Boaters and sailors alike flock to Lake Minnetonka in droves each summer to enjoy life on the water, yet no one understands this better than the Minnetonka Power Squadron (MPS).

As the old saying goes, “A boat is a hole in the water into which you throw money.” So what does that make the person in the boat? Who cares! It is our birthright as Minnesotans to enjoy our lakes. And what better way to appreciate our aquatic splendor than by boat?


They say that the best motivation comes from within, but a little bit of sibling rivalry never hurt either. In fact, it was this combination of driving forces that pushed Pete Bluth, a lake area resident, to attempt a unique goal: a cruise across Lake Minnetonka—in a rowboat.   

As many runners, golfers and children can attest, there's something different about playing outside. And for others with health ailments, being in nature benefits their well-being, as noted through studies on horticulture therapy.

The10 Sports Dome: Where you can find 26,000 square feet of sports turf to play everything from baseball and football to lacrosse and soccer all year round.