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You have to wonder if there’s something in the water—Lake Minnetonka’s water, perhaps?—because Minnesota has been home to an especially impressive number of Olympic athletes.

In the world of exercise and fitness, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has become, well, a hit. A body of recent scientific research has shown HIIT to be the most effective way to burn fat, improve endurance and build strength.

Talking with someone for the first time can go in a few directions—conversation can feel stilted and forced, or words can flow with ease and topics take pleasant turns like a gentle breeze. An interview with therapist Tammie Rosenbloom yielded the latter.

Walk in to Läka Spa and take a deep breath. The subtle fragrance of seven essential oils—including lavender, lemon and sage—instantly soothes and relaxes.

The Wayzata Chilly Open is celebrating its 34th birthday. In 1984, community members partnered with the Greater Wayzata Area Chamber of Commerce to create the event to celebrate quintessential Minnesota winters.

The weather outside is frightful, and because this is January in Minnesota, it’s probably going to stay that way for a while. Cabin fever is all too real, and if you’ve got kids at home, you’re likely feeling its effects doubly (or triply).

The story of IMRIS, a Minnetonka-based medical device firm, dates back some years ago to a Winnipeg, Manitoba neurosurgeon’s brainstorm.

Minnetonka resident Betsy Sansby is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Last year, she received the OpenCare Patients’ Choice award for therapists in the Minnetonka area.

Our local experts recommend their favorite product lines for your winter skin and hair care routine: Gingerly (The Glow Lounge); Éminence Organic Skin Care; Oribe Hair Care; and Jindilli (Bella on the Bay).