A healthy route to a hair-free summer

New Simply Smooth location offers healthier alternative for hair removal.

In the summer, body hair removal becomes an increasingly pesky problem. The traditional methods of repeated shaving and waxing can cause infections, such as pseudofolliculitis barbae, a hair follicle infection common in men. And most laser hair removal technologies haven’t proved to be much better.

Simply Smooth
owner David Lane worked as medical director for two laser hair removal centers, and decided “there must be a better way to provide the service, especially without pain and without burns or other complications.”

After research and testing, he found the Alma Soprano Xli, a cutting-edge laser hair removal technique that permanently stops hair growth without pain, burning or other complications.

After a consultation at the Minnetonka clinic, clients can get a series of treatments every six to eight weeks; the number of actively growing follicles typically decreases over a six-month period of time.