Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek’s Water Safety Tips

Stay safe on the water this season with five tips from Hennepin County.

1. Wear lifejackets when the boat is moving. Children 10 and younger are required to wear one and there must be one for everyone on board.

2. If you forget lifejackets, borrow one from a launch participating in the Kids Don’t Float campaign. Look for the large outdoor box containing life jackets at these local launch sites: Gray’s Bay Marina in Minnetonka, Maxwell Bay in Orono and Spring Park Bay in Spring Park.

3. Drownings in Hennepin County usually occur in pools and hot tubs. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a life jacket while swimming.

4. Watch out for the propeller. Incidents like severe cuts happen when people and ropes get too close.

5. Designate a sober boat operator.