August 2014

In the August issue of Lake Minnetonka Magazine, you'll meet a few lake-area alums succeeding in show biz, find your guide to map your own foodie staycation and learn from four of Minnetonka High School's best and brightest students - this year's Prep Elite. 

Summer is in full swing, and our hearts are as light as our appetites. We are overwhelmed with lush produce and a collective sense of goodwill toward Mother Earth and her farmers. Salad is the go-to meal of the moment.


In February, local women gathered at the Wayzata Chamber of Commerce for a luncheon with Marcia Ballinger, author of The 20 Minute Networking Meeting. Ballinger inspired listeners and encouraged members of Wayzata Women in Business to network, share experiences and develop professionally.


In May 2014, local kids, families and dedicated runners alike gathered for Minnesota’s original half marathon, the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon.


Some of the best photos involve candid moments featuring people who weren’t necessarily the intended subject.

 Dachshund races are just one of the unique events happening at James J. Hill Days in Wayzata this fall.

September marks the 40th anniversary of Wayzata’s iconic James J. Hill Days. Originally started to honor the city’s “Empire Builder” and Great Northern Railroad founder, the four-day festival hopes to draw a record number of visitors.


A progressive dinner—“safari supper,” if you’re in England—is a dinner party where you mow through a meal, course by course, in various homes. Like a potluck, only you go to the food instead of the other way around. Fun, right? Sure, except for the cooking, dishwashing and tidying parts—ugh.


In a world where it seems everyone is busy all the time, the high schoolers you know are probably busiest of all. Between class time, sports, volunteering, after-school activities and part-time jobs, it’s a wonder these students make it through the day. But most amazing of all?


Zac Barnett
Lead singer, American Authors
Minnetonka High School, class of 2005

 WHS teacher Tika Kude and former WHS student Annelies Odermann were nationally recognized for achievements in technology.

The days of chalkboards, projectors and whiteboards are gone. Technology has taken leaps in recent years, and in turn, has changed the way students learn. Tablets and smart boards have replaced teaching tools that now seem old-fashioned. Learning how computers work seems to be the next step.


All with blonde hair and high heels, mother-and-daughter trio Cindy (mom), Ashley and Kelsey Berset are lifelong Excelsior residents.

Jason Johnson, left, and Pat Crosby, co-owners of Crossfit SISU in Excelsior, will whip you into shape.

Don’t be alarmed by the large rope dangling from the ceiling—you’ll just be climbing that in about 10 minutes. Welcome to Crossfit.


One spring 2014 announcement turned into a whirlwind of opportunity for current sixth graders Victor Yang, Ayden Tiede and Aidan Barker. The boys, friends since kindergarten and all active in Boy Scout Troop 409 in Excelsior, embarked on a journey to build a wind energy system.


A scenic byway in the lake area has been proposed in order to better direct people to the best route for viewing the lake.


In the biography, A Love Affair with Birds, Minnesota environmental writer Sue Leaf brings to life the untold story of Thomas Sadler Roberts, a medical doctor and the father of Minnesota ornithology.


In the rented corner of a St. Paul warehouse, Stefan Ronchetti and Alex Brost are doing what, at first glance, makes little sense to a lot of landlocked Midwesterners: building and shaping custom surfboards. In reality, they’re part of a growing surfing culture in Minnesota.


August marks back-to-school shopping month. What gear will have your child set for success this school year?

Local models show of some of the Excelsior Bay Clothing Co. line.

The VANTAGE program, now entering its second year at Minnetonka High School, provides students with real-world business experience. The students spend the first months of class learning about entrepreneurship and then prepare business plans for a “Shark Tank” competition each January.

Students in Karen Olaussen’s art class don’t just learn techniques with paints and a brush.

As Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”