February 2016 Lake Minnetonka Magazine

In the February issue we've rounded up three of Lake Minnetonka's most eligible bachelors to model some of the season's hottest style trends and you won't want to miss it!

Al Whitaker received an honorable mention for this photo, “Sunrise at Tommy’s Tonka Trolley,” in the City Landmarks category of our 2015 Lens on Lake Minnetonka photo contest.


While cooking, it’s easy to take spices for granted. Most of us think nothing of using a pinch of this and a dash of that to make food taste better. But once upon a time, spices were as precious as gold.


A delicious, Chopped-style cooking competition among local chefs benefited the ICA Food Shelf.


Cozy wool should be the foundation of every Minnesotan’s wardrobe at this time of year. Why not make your own wool mittens? Andi Anderson, program coordinator at Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista, says her team focuses on wool this time of year because Gale Woods Farm raises sheep.


A grandmother’s china, sterling flatware and delicate glassware cozy up to pots and pans in Julia Knight’s dishwasher. Clearly, she doesn’t wait for the holidays or special occasions for her kitchen or dining tables to wear their Sunday best. “I feel like, what are you waiting for?” she says.


Guys, how’s your wardrobe these days? If you’re clinging to Minnesota stereotypes—Paul Bunyan plaid and blaze-orange hunting gear, I’m looking at you—or just wary of stepping into the fashion world, use our handy guide to get started with a little apparel refresh this spring.


Kailen Rosenberg travels the world to talk about love. People look to her for advice and tips for finding love, staying in love or reestablishing lost love.


Wayzata native Emily Johnson Kisa was an art student at San Diego State University when she decided to study abroad in Turkey. It was a decision that changed her life, and it’s shaking up the shopping scene in the western ’burbs, too.


In its current state, the cracked and weathered stone walls are nearly obscured behind wild growth. The remains of a once sturdy house are surrounded by a fence to keep visitors safe. The roof has fallen in and sags into the interior.


In a way, Kent Roth was always destined to go into the skin care business.


The members of LeagueAires are all about spreading music. The women’s vocal group, sponsored by the Junior League of Minneapolis, brings the joy of music to older adults and people with special needs, performing at nursing homes, rehab centers and other venues.


It’s the fun thought that every group of great friends entertains, but rarely acts upon: “What if we started our own business together?” For Kristin Kuhlmann, Kelly Rettke and Tracy JoliCoeur, a group of longtime friends, this thought turned out to be worth looking into—it led to the opening of


If you’re in need of a chocolatey Valentine’s Day gift for your other half, your bestie or yourself, Laketown Chocolates has you covered. And dipped. And sprinkled.


Minnetrista author Quentin Brent (a pen name inspired by the first names of his two sons) released his first book, The Reason, last October.


Cheers Pablo opened its newest location in Minnetonka last October.


These stylish kicks from Excelsior’s new boutique BUCK+FIR might be a perfect Valentine’s Day prezzie for a special gal in your life—but frankly, I was tempted to grab these just for me.


Men of the lake area can soon find calm during The Marsh’s Yoga for Men series. Liz Anema, program director at The Marsh, says Yoga for Men: Stretch Your Boundaries aims to provide a comfortable space for men to safely practice and learn about yoga.


In July, Dr. Pete L’Allier, Norb Cuellar and Dane Bogaard, of Mound, visited Spain with their wives, Jen, Sonya and Kim. They participated in the annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona—red neckerchiefs and all—and brought a copy of Lake Minnetonka Magazine along for the fun.


Minnetonka shopping mall Ridgedale Center’s current renovation and expansion (with five phases, a $100 million-plus renovation plan and a 50,000-square-foot retail expansion) started in 2014 and should be completed by 2017.


What started as a love of hiking and exploring turned into a craft beer romance for husband and wife team JD and Megan Park.


Looking to upgrade your fireplace this winter? The pros at Fireside Hearth & Home share some important factors to consider.