January 2014

In the January issue of Lake Minnetonka Magazine, you'll learn all about simple ways to kick-start your New Year's resolutions, along with plenty of wellness and fitness tips from experts around Lake Minnetonka. You'll read about the work art educators are doing with adults with memory loss and the best special-diet dining around the lake.

In December 2012, Minnetonka resident Eric Raarup snapped the quintessential Minnesota winter shot: an almost iced-over lake. For Raarup and others, this sight signals the dawning of the winter season.


Gary Sinise, star of CSI:NY and Forrest Gump, appeared at a breakfast event hosted by Bill and Teri Popp and co-hosted by Warren Herreid and Jeannine Rivet, to rise funds for the Minnesota Military Tribute (MFT) and the Gary Sinise Foundation.


In 1974, Dr. Roger Satrang Hoel was searching for a way to bring music to Minnetonka. Hoel played the French horn and trumpet in college and hoped to find an association that would allow him to keep playing at a non-professional level.


When brother and sister Rick Putnam and Jill McGary started SnowProfessor.com, a website featuring snowboard lesson videos, they had no idea what they were onto.


Joy, happiness and tranquility: These are words used by the students in Nicola Demonte’s art classes to describe their experience creating art. These seem to be universal responses to making art, including for these students, who are adults living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.


Aches and pains, allergies, digestive troubles—for these kinds of chronic conditions, most of us are tempted to reach for traditional medicine with visits to a specialist, prescription drugs, lab tests and more.


Baby, it’s cold outside. But that shouldn’t stop Minnesota families from getting outdoors to have fun in our winter wonderland. So, for those who find themselves still curled up on the couch, get up. Bundle up. And soak up some of these winter family fun activities.


Que Será founder and design extraordinaire Mary Lauer knows a thing or two about interior decoration. She founded her first shop at the Mall of America in 1994 and draws her inspiring flourishes from Minnesota nuances.


Dave Bigham inspired his pals with his ambition to create the North American Pond Hockey Tournament. Two years ago, after his death from a heart attack at age 41, J. Lindsay, Steve Youngstedt and Justin Pagel took on the responsibility for continuing the event.


As we enter the new year, everything feels like it needs to be reset—skin included.


From vegans and vegetarians to the gluten- or dairy-free, for those with certain dietary restrictions, ordering food out can turn into a difficult task sometimes.


Deephaven residents Maia and Allan Haag had a feeling their book publishing company, I See Me! was onto something when they received an intriguing order for one of their customized books.


Whether you want to lose weight or just have a healthier lifestyle, the new year has become synonymous with a time to make a change for the better.


January is hardly picnic season. As families are cooped up indoors at dinnertime, it can be hard to keep things interesting, especially for kiddos. If your culinary creativity is wearing thin, don’t give in quite yet to the frozen pizza!