January 2020

New year, new starts. This month, our annual January health & wellness issue inspires us with what healthy folks are doing all around the lake.

This popular icy golf fest (where sponsors decorate themed holes for, yep, golf on frozen Lake Minnetonka) returns next month to the lake. As always, visitors to the 2019 Chilly Open enjoyed beer, a chili cook-off, “snowga” and other activities.


Wayzata’s biggest community bash wrapped up the summer in September, with a carnival, concerts, log-rolling demos, tasty food, fireworks and a parade. 

Players from the North American Pond Hockey Championship gather on the ice.

Don’t miss one of Lake Minnetonka’s favorite winter events—the North American Pond Hockey Championship.

A crabapple tree

In January, winter sets in, typically with the coldest days of the year. Local fresh fruit seems a distant memory, and the fresh growth of spring a distant wish.

A variety of beers from Boom Island Brewing in Minnetonka.

After an eight-year run in Minneapolis, Boom Island Brewing moves its taproom to Minnetonka, tripling its space and keeping its dog- and family-centric ethos.

Excelsior Fire District chief Curt Mackey

We asked new Excelsior Fire District chief Curt Mackey to tell us what he loves about fighting fires in his hometown.

Minetonka mixed media artist Jillian Lee sits before some of her paintings.

From star-studded Los Angeles to the cityscape in New York City, artist Jillian Lee has done commissioned artwork coast to coast.

Chris Thomson, Emma Nadler and their children.

Chris Thomson and Emma Nadler use their vocations and creative pursuits to convey the emotions spurred by their daughter's diagnosis.

Various gems from Veberod Gem Gallery

Veberod Gallery in Minnetonka offers jewelry classes and workshops.

A stylist at Nedia Hair Loss Salon & Spa works on a patient's hair.

Nedia Hair Loss Salon & Spa provides a safe and welcome space for hair loss treatment.

Sheet Pan Maple Mustard Roasted Chicken and Vegetables, a recipe by Fad Free

Two Minnetonka moms provide healthy solutions for keeping New Year's resolutions.

Lat14 and Lemongrass owner Ann Ahmed wears a Project Black and Blue apron by BA Craftmade Aprons

Project Black & Blue gives back to service workers struggling with physical or mental illnesses.

Ruth Stricker, founder of The Marsh in Minnetonka, practice Tai Chi.

The Marsh, located in Minnetonka, has become a leader in the wellness/spa industry.

A cycling class at Moxx Cycling in Long Lake.

Two friends took a risk, partnered up and bought a cycling studio in Long Lake.

Torres 10 brandy

Torres 10 is like brandy meets sherry meets rum, our liquor expert says.

An old stethoscope sits on an old medicine book.

Thirty-nine flu cases had been reported in the town in January 1920.

A red barn is surrounded by snow in this Lens on Lake Minnetonka photo contest winning photo.

A colorful barn stands out against the snow in this shot from our Lens on Lake Minnetonka photo contest.

A stressed child holds a teddy bear.

Just like us, kids can feel overwhelmed with demands at school or the pressure to do well in sports.

A couple on vacation

Did you know that non-travelers are significantly less active in their daily lives than people who travel?

"Ayesha At Last" by Uzma Jalaluddin

Uzma Jalaluddin’s "Ayesha at Last" centers on Ayesha and Khalid, two Muslim Canadians.

A woman browses social media on her phone

Social media is filled with the caption and hashtag “Living my best life!” Often it accompanies a photo of someone traveling, enjoying themselves at an event or even drinking a cup of coffee. In 2005 Oprah Magazine published a book called Living Your Best Life.

A woman models heels from Julieta Shoes

Julie Thompson and her husband, Fernando Pena, launched their company Julieta Shoes in 2016.