January 2022

“No matter what we grow up to be (celebrity, rabbi, circus performer, tattoo artist), we all have that shared experience of school lunch.” —Lucy Shaeffer, author, page 50

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We’ve spent the better part of the last two months thinking about our dinnertime fares with the holidays commanding their spots at the dining table. Let’s switch the narrative.

Winter Picnic

“I was driving past the beach in early winter and stopped to take a photograph of the watercolor sky. Then I noticed the picnic table.

Natalie Webster

Were you hot or cold? Did you have coveted snacks to share, or did you spend time at the table longingly looking at other kids’ goodies? Did you sport the latest lunch box, or were you a brown bagger? Sit alone or with your crew?


Halloween festivities were in full-costumed force in downtown Excelsior as more than 700 school children participated in a parade walk down the center of town. Merchants along Water Street greeted participants with sweet treats to mark the day.

Eric Perkins

The schoolyard can be a microclimate for all sorts of shenanigans, melees and levels of social hierarchy at the most ridiculous levels, but who knew that recess could lay the groundwork for a future in television sports reporting.

Samantha Specks

Samantha Specks brings Minnesota history to life through her first novel, Dovetails in Tall Grass. Published in August 2021, the historical fiction book is a tale of two women, one Dakota Sioux and one settler, during the U.S. Dakota War.

senior using virtual reality

As the COVID-19 pandemic raged through the world, businesses closed, travel came to a near standstill and many doors were locked, including doors to some senior-care facilities.

sock puppet miniatures at GoBros’ office

Big socks. Tall socks. Funny socks. Fuzzy socks. Socks for hockey and hiking. Socks for tennis and running. Just about name it, and GoBros has a sock for it. With around 40 high-performance brands, the local online company has a comprehensive inventory.

physical fitness for the elderly

Improving the quality of life one step at a time, functional aging specialist and personal trainer Heidi Weinberg is training clients to stay independent as they age.


Mess equals stress. Without question, a lack of orderliness in our homes and workplaces creates consequential burdens. In fact, numerous academic studies link a cluttered environment to high levels of anxiety, depression and guilt.

pour a glass of wine


Simply entertain.

Relish: My Life in the Kitchen

After spending the holidays eating delicious food and, possibly, considering a fresh start in the new year, Lucy Knisley’s graphic food memoir is the perfect book to kick off 2022.

front entryway

Many people launch into the new year awash in hopes of change—a new exercise regimen, improved sleep routines or a break from social media—only to return to their old habits months later.

Napa Valley Brussels Sprouts

I get excited this time of year, when Brussels sprouts are in season (through mid-February) because it gives me a reason to make one of my all-time favorite and most party-perfect side dishes.