July 2015 Lake Minnetonka Magazine

In the July issue fall in puppy love with three dog-training techniques, check out Bonnie Raitt's Minnetonka moment and get to know Jen Flavin, a Minnetonka local who created an online shop with internatinoal impact.

Not many photographers can say that they started photographing, almost by accident, on a super-high-quality DSLR camera. But that’s exactly what happened for Jon Sadeh, Excelsior resident and bartender at Lord Fletcher’s on Lake Minnetonka.


Hear that? It’s the sound of one million Minnesotans screaming for ice cream. We’ve waited a long time for summer to hit, and now that we’re in the heart of it, we intend to enjoy it fully, gosh dang it.


Area residents enjoyed a little beer and education at a recent event at the Excelsior Brewing Company.


Residents of the Lake Minnetonka area are well known for their creativity. So it was only natural that Cooks of Crocus Hill would begin offering its classes in the Minnetonka area.


Gordon, my one-year-old golden retriever, acts like you’d expect a one-year-old golden retriever to act. He’s affectionate and excitable, a combination that can cause problems if you don’t like 60-pound dogs in your lap.


It’s not every day you get to work with a legend, and Rick Born, of RB Productions, and producer of Wayzata’s James J. Hill Days Beach Bash Concert can attest to that. James J.


Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. No, this isn’t a list of Oscar invitees, but it is a few of Robert Evans’ past clients.


While you’ve likely heard of the nine-time Grammy-winning singer Bonnie Raitt, what isn’t as public is that she started her blues career on Lake Minnetonka.


Gary Ezell, head chef at Excelsior’s Joey Nova’s, is not a man to do things halfway. When he says that Joey Nova’s is a family-based business, he really means the whole family. “One thing that I’ve noticed,” he says, “is that four-legged friends are like family.”


A local nonprofit is celebrating 30 years of success in realizing its vision of giving displaced dogs a better life.


When Minnetonka’s Jen Flavin spent a year working in overseas missions, she saw tragedy most people only see on television or read about online. First, she saw women who were sex trafficked in Thailand.


When it comes to career migration, Steven Sampson tossed conventional wisdom right out the window. “I’ve never been accused of being logical,” he says.


Here’s what’s happening at this year’s community-run Spirit of the Lakes Festival.

July 16


There aren’t many places where you can have craft beer, excellent wine, delicious coffee and fantastic music all in one day. But at 318 Café in Excelsior, customers know to expect all of that—and a plate of delicious food, too.


Summer just isn’t complete without a good burger—and grilling it out yourself is a must to enjoy the gorgeous weather.


Lake Minnetonka Magazine was on the reading list for (l to r) Bob Buetler, Melissa Moore, Paul and Beth Fisher, Amy Lyne, Pam Snyder, Tripp Snyder, and Rose and Scott King, who visited Jaguar Village in Playa Panama, Costa Rica in January.


Every dog owner wants the very best for his or her pup. But as a consumer, it’s hard to know exactly what’s best—and that’s where Dr. Andrea Johnson of Minnetonka’s Gehrman Animal Hospital comes in. Here are her food recommendations for dogs of all breeds.

For the pups:


Minnetonka’s Sara Goff just can’t stay out of the water.


The Fourth of July celebration on Lake Minnetonka is, in a word, spectacular. From dawn until dusk, the shoreline is filled with festivities—and, with the exception of the Firecracker Run in the morning, admission is absolutely free. So how does all this magic happen?