July 2017 Lake Minnetonka Magazine

In the July issue go behind the lens with the Tonka paparazzi.

Caroline Klohs, from Minnetonka Beach, studied public relations at the University of Minnesota, where she took two photography classes.


Al and Alma’s Supper Club.

Come by boat or come by car, Al and Alma’s Supper Club is a destination. Drop anchor in Mound along the grassy, tree-lined shores of Cooks Bay. Whether by land or lake, the trip to Al and Alma’s is a worthwhile journey.


The Excelsior Fire District plays a vital role in the Lake Minnetonka community. From saving lives to spreading knowledge about fire prevention, they do it all.


After earning a master of fine arts in vocal performance in 1979, Teresa Elsbernd, a Shorewood resident, planned to teach singing at the college level. Due to a shortage of jobs, however, she decided to pursue music as a hobby and entered the world of sales instead.


The Minnetonka Millers could be considered Minnesota’s equivalent of the New England Patriots in amateur baseball circles.


Tom Palm takes a lot of photos—during his busiest season, as many as 3,000 a day. But he insists that he’s not actually a professional photographer. Don’t ask him to shoot photos of your wedding or your high schooler’s graduation—he’ll politely turn you down.


Dāv Kaufman grew up on Lake Minnetonka’s Echo Bay. His father was a high school history teacher who used to tell him stories about the lake.


If you’re in Wayzata this month and you want to go to the Wednesday evening Music by the Lake concert in Depot Park, you can hop on the Lake Minnetonka Trolley. Or maybe you live in Wayzata, and on a summer Tuesday afternoon you need to go to the library, the bank and the post office.


Joseph Martin cruises Lake Minnetonka to help keep boaters safe. Equipped with binoculars and a hand-held radar gun, Martin motors through the lake’s maze of channels and bays in one of the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Water Patrol Unit boats.


When the weather heats up, there’s no better time for a backyard barbecue. Grilling is a communal experience. It can be informal and social, but for serious contenders, it’s sport. And winning barbecue competitions is easier with the right gear.


The weather is warm and the days are long, but with a few weeks left of summer vacation, maybe you’re wondering how to keep your children active and engaged. Instead of letting them lounge around in front of the TV, why not send them to camp?


Summer and music: two things that Minnesota undoubtedly knows how to do right. This summer, Victor’s on Water will be continuing its Victor’s on Vinyl music series, inspired by a Billboard Magazine article.


The Lake Minnetonka Conservation District works to protect and preserve our beloved lake. The woman behind it all is Vickie Schleuning, Lake Minnetonka Conservation District’s new executive director.


Augusta Pet Services offers doggy day care, overnight care, pet grooming and classes. Basically, it’s a spa day for your furry friend.


Excelsior’s Licks Unlimited has been serving up cones piled high with various flavors of ice cream for years. Open April through October, Licks Unlimited, which draws crowds from all over the country, is one of the many reasons Minnesota summers are the best summers.



St. David’s Center of Child & Family Development knows just how important family is to our community through their work with child and family development. Help St.


Summer is a season of celebrations. From family get-togethers to Independence Day fireworks to weekend bonfires with the neighbors, summer is packed with festive events. So do it in style with some tips and tricks from Five Swans, Wayzata’s home and kitchen store.