March 2012

Man Caves | Skier Matt Liebsch

Lisa Persson and a friend were strolling around Lake Minnetonka near sunset when Persson noticed the lake was very still—so still, in fact, that a perfect reflection of the setting sun was mirrored in the calm lake water.


Poor eggs. Their reputation has been through the wringer. One week they’re good for you; the next, they’re a no-no. But the “incredible, edible egg” is now back in the nutrition clubhouse, and for good reason: eggs are versatile, affordable and protein-rich.


On average it takes 40 gallons of sap to produce one gallon of syrup; that’s like filling a garbage can for a milk jug!


A few lake-area communities continue to refresh their recycling programs by revamping ways of the past in hopes to foster an eco-friendly future.


Finding a signature spring fragrance for yourself or someone you know may seem like a daunting task, but Diane Wissink, owner of La Petite Parfumerie in Excelsior, ensures it’s actually quite simple once you narrow down the myriad of choices.


Spring break is here and summer’s coming so it’s time to talk waxing. According to Alicia Wagner, regional developer for European Wax Center, winter is great for waxing since hair should be at least as long as a grain of rice for the wax to grab it.


I credit William Kent Krueger for helping me to get out of one of the worst reading "ruts" of my life. He's helped locally, of course, by the fact that all of his books take place on Minnesota's North Shore—with plenty of regional flavor thrown in to make all of us feel instantly at home


Help your child build positive social, emotional and moral skills at Kids Core in Mound.


Armed with a blow dryer and several round boar-bristle brushes, the team at Jon Charles Salon is traveling around the metro delivering blow outs, or salon-styled hair, in a classic Airstream trailer.


The students at Hilltop Primary School in Minnetrista aren’t afraid of getting dirty. After breaking ground in October on an outdoor classroom funded by Hilltop Tree Trust, the students study science, math and language outdoors—even in the mud.


A store in downtown Wayzata will keep you and your family pleasantly protected all year round. Wintergreen Northern Wear primarily features its own brand of clothing, made in Ely.


“Time is a precious commodity,” says James P. Sweeney, founder and senior designer at Mom’s Landscaping & Design, so why spend it cleaning your yard?


Quality items at an affordable price is how Jennifer Finlay, owner of The Bee Cottage, likes to describe her shop, which offers a mix of new and heirloom items.


Interior designer Gayle Crummer knew the home had potential. Located in Orono, it had wonderful space, a charming villa exterior and elegant 11-foot ceilings. But the house was also limiting for the family of four who had just purchased it.


Bryan Buser’s buddies had their doubts on the advantages of specific pairings of beer with food.


In some ways, Orono’s Matt Liebsch is just like many other young adults his age—energetic, overscheduled, and trying to balance a hectic work schedule with the thrills of an 8-year marriage and the spills of fathering two busy toddlers.  But when you throw in the tiny detail tha


The man cave. For many women, the term conjures up images of a dark basement hole-in-the-wall filled with cigar smoke, old sports trophies, bad movies, and a college buddy or two.