March 2017 Lake Minnetonka Magazine

In the March issue we're celebrating sweet traditions as Yoyo Donuts shares their family recipes for fresh pastries, ice cream and coffee.

“Henry, look over here!” Nelson Hill called out to his friend Dylan’s 1-year-old son Henry as he ran gleefully toward Lake Minnetonka.


Donuts practically grow on Chris Moquist’s family tree. His grandpa Cliff began selling freshly made ones in the 1950s, alongside grocery staples and ice cream, at his Dairyland shop in Watertown, S.D.


Minnetonka’s St. David’s Center is known for building strong family relationships and nurturing children through their early childhood development program. But how about a little dancing?


There’s always plenty to do right around Lake Minnetonka, especially in the spring and summer. But even for those of us who live here, it’s nice to get a change of scenery once in a while.


While high school teams seem to get a lot of the attention in our area, there’s another basketball organization that’s racking up the buckets.


Trust. It’s arguably the most important factor in any relationship. And that certainly includes the relationship between an interior designer and their client. A remodeling project can be a formidable undertaking, with budgets and timelines and tastes up in the air.


Cinnamon Glassbrenner was a Minnetonka stay-at-home mom when she first heard about Apex Fun Run.


Groveland Elementary School in Minnetonka had a courtyard that no one was using. The principal and the PTO wanted to do something to make the space both useful and attractive. So they built a small stage and planned some landscaping.


Before World War I, many residents of the Lake Minnetonka area of German heritage were proud of their roots. In 1883, German nobility even visited the lake to celebrate James J.


Wayzata father-daughter team Charles and Sissy Ruhl are helping high school, college and post-college students answer the age-old question: What do you want to be when you grow up?


Each year, the Greater Wayzata Area Chamber of Commerce (GWACC) nominates community members for its Person of the Year honor, a recognition of an individual chamber member who has given back to the community.


While everyone has their own tastes and preferences, there are a few themes to consider as you’re choosing springtime wine for meals and gatherings this season.


Vaida Wellness Center celebrates its one-year anniversary this month in Wayzata. The center offers a variety of stress-relief remedies, from massage therapy to acupuncture.


Pottery Barn is well-known nationwide for its comfortable collection of furniture, home décor and accessories. Now, shoppers at Ridgedale Center can enjoy Pottery Barn right here in town; the Minnetonka location opened last summer.


European style is quickly becoming Excelsior style, and with a trendy boutique like Maison/My European Treasures & More, it’s no wonder.


Newly rebranded boutique Highcroft will provide all of the necessities for a relaxing evening gathered around the fireplace. Formerly known as Lussuria Lini, Highcroft’s main focus is its wide selection of European linens.


Warm hospitality is among the most treasured traditions of Ireland. McCormick’s Pub and Restaurant is known for bringing this vibe from the Emerald Isle to the snowy or slushy March streets of Wayzata. Celebrate Irish traditions on St.


Lili Salon Spa is a popular spot for relaxation in the Sundial Center of Minnetonka, and now its sister spa, Liv Skin Medspa, offers even more relaxing, medical-grade procedures.


The Princess and the Pea is a beloved fairy tale. Once Upon a Mattress, a decidedly modern take on the timeless story, will make theatergoers young and old fall in love all over again—partly because of the pint-sized cast.