May 2014

In the May issue of Lake Minnetonka Magazine you'll learn the story of the Crossroads Delicatessen (including a few of Chef Scott Hill's favorite brunch recipes), see how a local lure company is making fishing innovations in Lake Minnetonaka's backyard, and expore the restoration of Big Island.

The large windows in the new kitchen now offer stunning lake views.

Stepping inside this beautiful Lake Minnetonka home, it’s hard not to marvel at the picturesque lake views from nearly every angle.


In November 2013, one of the largest collections of art on canvas was presented at a gallery-style private exhibition in Orono to benefit the Newborn Foundation. /ärt/ & /sōl/ featured eclectic, hand-curated collections of original art from artists from all over the world.


In February, Lake Minnetonka Magazine hosted the 2014 Best of Lake Minnetonka Event at BMW of Minnetonka. With refreshments galore, we celebrated the people, places and businesses that make the lake area great.


After spending time photographing the farmers’ market in Excelsior on a cloudy Thursday in June, Michele Damrow and two photographer friends took a stroll down Water Street to the Port of Excelsior.

From left, Lauren Strauss, Claire DesLauriers and Kalli Anderson share the multi-faceted lead role in MHS's production of Evita.

The award-winning show Evita is typically thought of as a musical with a single female lead, but not in director Trent Boyum’s mind.

 Shawn Marquis, right, assists Jennifer Barada on a Pilates machine.

Twice a week, Jennifer Barada makes the 20-mile drive from Shakopee to Wayzata-based Pilates MN to attend Pilates for Parkinson’s.

Rev. John Lee and his son Soren planted fresh produce in a family plot at St. Luke’s.

Think back to the last time you ate an apple, peeled a potato or sliced a pepper. Did you wonder what journey it took to get from farm to store to you? When eating pineapple in the dead of winter requires just a trip to the store, it’s easy to forget where our food actually comes from.

 The Gen by Figen Ozdenak boutique brings chic clothes to Excelsior, with a pop of Turkish style.

Gen by Figen Ozdenak is changing the way women shop, one silky charmeuse dress at a time. This little gem of a store in downtown Excelsior was opened in November 2013 by husband-and-wife team Tuncay and Rachel Ozdenak.

Circus models designed by Damon Swanson and constructed from 3D printers allow intricate details to shine.

Damon Swanson is a grandfatherly figure. He stands among his circus sculptures like a larger-than-life ringmaster. He once hand-crafted his circus-themed models and figurines, but now uses 3D printing technology to create his works of art.


Over the last decade, the desire for gluten-free products in mainstream restaurants and grocery stores has increased steadily.


There is nothing better than a nice, cool drink on a hot summer day. Jessie Cohn, bartender at Lago Tacos, gave us two of his favorite recipes to whip up during the warmer months.


Lake Community Bank (LCB) in Long Lake has found a way to create a feeling of involvement among employees by giving a portion of the bank’s annual donations to a local or national charity on each employee’s behalf.


While it might be safe to say the fanny pack is never coming back, it may have gotten a facelift.


Walk down the stairs of Scusi! in Excelsior, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Europe in the early 1900s. The decor and design boutique caters to those who love this kind of elegance.


Toss and turn? Count sheep? Desperate to escape your honey’s snoring? In Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep, journalist David K. Randall offers fascinating insights into the mystery of human slumber. Every moment of our lives depends on the quality of our sleep.


There are a lot of choices in the Lake Minnetonka area for fitness or spa treatments, but few that offer full packages for a healthier you.


In the summer, body hair removal becomes an increasingly pesky problem. The traditional methods of repeated shaving and waxing can cause infections, such as pseudofolliculitis barbae, a hair follicle infection common in men.


After a long, snowy winter, we’re ready to spend time on the lakes. We asked Scott Karo, owner of Anytime Fitness clubs in Excelsior and Chaska, for tips on getting ready for bikini weather. Here are his top two:

Shelley Lidstone, left, and daughter Jennifer Bruns bring gourmet oils, salts and soaps to the lake area.

Inspired by a visit to an olive oil store in Wisconsin, Shelley Lidstone and her daughter Jennifer Bruns drafted a business plan.

Birch's salmon, served with quinoa, tastes as fresh as if it had been caught seaside and flipped right onto the grill.

We've all heard of the seafood diet - "I see food and eat it." But seriously, if we had to subsist on seafood for the rest of our lives, we'd happily do so.

Tom Mackin, president of Rapala.

A trip through the Minnetonka headquarters of Rapala is like walking through a log cabin.

Restoration of the shoreline has been underway since 2009.

“When people come to Cruiser’s Cove, they’re going to see a change,” says Telly Mamayek, communications director for Minnehaha Creek Watershed District.

Spoil Mom (or Grandma) with a homemade wild rice quiche.

Think for a moment about your favorite comfort food. Is it something your mom or grandmother made for you when you were a child? Maybe it’s a dish you created out of college-dorm desperation that turns you into a puddle of nostalgia each time you taste it.