May 2017 Lake Minnetonka Magazine

In the May issue we're checking in with several women-owned small businesses around the lake.

Craig Eiler, a retired technical writer, has a longtime interest in photography, which has won him several awards throughout Minnesota.


Norway’s constitution was signed on May 17, 1814, and declared the country independent (in the hope of avoiding a takeover by Sweden after the Napoleonic Wars).


Stunning lake views. Sun-drenched deck seating. A wear-what-you-want vibe. They’re things you could find in a real estate listing for any Lake Minnetonka home.


It’s no secret that fishing is a big part of Minnesota culture. Whether you’re a frequent fisher, enjoy doing it occasionally or simply like to come along for the show, the Minnesota Bound Crappie Contest will be entertainment for all.


Theoretically, running your own business sounds like the ultimate gig. Pursuing your passions can mean setting your own schedule and maybe even working in your PJs every now and then.


Some passions are born from a life-long fascination or study. Others seemingly fall into our laps. For Shore Boards owner Tim Shore, his love of crafting custom wooden paddleboards came from a nearby source: his wife.


Meet two Lake Minnetonka-area residents, both University of Minnesota alums, who after long, successful careers, have turned their attention to creating wearable textile art sold coast to coast. Their imaginative techniques make each piece utterly unique.

Gayle Hallin


For all the local small business lovers out there, this popular children’s toy store in Excelsior has everything—from specialty toys to books to old-fashioned candy.


Karen Huntington is retiring after 55 years of providing childcare to the families of Excelsior. In January 1962, Huntington first began to care for children in her home.


Last year, certified massage therapist Myra Wang had an idea. She envisioned wellness professionals gathering to share their skills and specialties, with the added benefit of showing people what an extensive health and wellness community Excelsior has to offer.


People without vision issues often don’t prioritize their eye health, according to optometrist Dr. Sarah Rowe of Brevier Optical in Excelsior. However, keeping this important organ healthy goes beyond vision correction.


“Some people ride to hunt, and some people hunt to ride.”


When Heidi Whitaker lost a tooth when she was a girl, her mother would give her a little pillow to tuck it into so the Tooth Fairy could find it and leave behind a reward.


The Wayzata Community Sailing Center is known for filling the summers of every lake lover with endless memories out on the water. Let the memories continue on with the new Wayzata Community Sailing Center building.


Entrée Nous founder Elizabeth Menke visited a European food festival that offered a guide to the area’s best dining spots. Afterward, she decided that the Twin Cities could use a similar approach to our beloved mealtimes.


Sonja Brown has been teaching swim classes since she was in high school. After a career in marketing and teaching water fitness to her children, Brown was inspired to teach other kids how to swim safely.


Paris for One & Other Stories


Love is a tricky, sometimes sticky, situation to be in. When it first begins, it’s beautiful and refreshing. After some time, it becomes comfortable and reliable. But most don’t expect it to end. When it does, we become our own support systems.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but what is a beautiful bouquet of flowers worth? Tell your mom just how much you love her this Mother’s Day with flowers from Weber’s Westdale Flowers, Home & Garden in Minnetonka.


It’s often difficult to find the perfect gift for the woman who has provided for your since day one.