October 2011

Wine | Fall Activities | Wearable Designs

Early European visitors to Lake Minnetonka noticed lots of conical mounds on high points around the shore. These pioneers first started settling along the Mississippi River and found thousands of mysterious burial mounds in prominent spots overlooking the water.


“Gluten free” is quite the dietary catchphrase these days, but what does it mean? Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Those who suffer from the autoimmune disorder called Celiac disease get all kinds of sick from gluten.


For a change from the traditional Halloween hayride, try out the Booseum and Ghost Trolley in Excelsior this year. Drawing more than 1,500 riders last year, the scares and screams are back for this eight annual event.


Choosing the right wine is often considered a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. This fall, enjoy the process—and the end result!—of buying a bottle of wine.


Nancy Golden has always had an eye for design and discriminating taste—and no problem making that fact well known. At least that was the case when an 8-year-old Golden discovered that her brand new clutch purse was not leather, but (gasp!) plastic.


Last February, a concerned parent of two Orono students questioned the school district on what she thought was a lack of healthy foods on its lunch menu.


After several years of living abroad in Switzerland, Chris and Diahann Potter began plans to move back to the Twin Cities. Having lived around Lake Minnetonka before, the couple knew they would like to have a place to stay during their extended summer holidays in Minnesota.


“The Minnesota Horticulture Research Center typically grows some very interesting plants in addition to the research grapes and apples that most people are familiar with. I'm good friends with the specialist there and visit frequently with my camera in the fall when everything is in full color.


Help out your Lake Minnetonka neighbors during Minnetonka Community Education’s 25th Annual Rake-a-Thon. Put together a team and rake the yards of local seniors who need a little help with their leaves. Last year, more than 500 volunteers raked nearly 70 homes.


“Everything is from scratch, just like grandma used to make,” says Kathie Armstrong, owner of Kathie’s Finds in Wayzata.


As fall gently slips into winter, the chilly weather may lessen the incentive to move anywhere besides your cozy couch.


Since October is National Women’s Health Month, we spoke with Dr. Andrea Messina, OBGYN, from the Park Nicollet Clinic in Minnetonka for a few healthy living tips to keep us fellow women out of the doctor’s office:


1. Intimidated by the heavy boat and yacht traffic on Lake Minnetonka during the summer? Try out the three-hour Fall Colors Kayak Tour at Gale Woods Farm. “It’s quiet and beautiful away from the summer rush,” says recreation specialist Michael Gottchalk.