September 2015 Lake Minnetonka Magazine

In the September issue learn about a new Excelsior shop that connects shoppers with local makers, check out Wayzata's architectural facelift and learn a little bit about the popular buzzword, artisan.

Deb Zeller of Victoria won first place in the Pets category for 2014’s Lens on Lake Minnetonka photo contest. Her photo, “Water Dog,” features her nephew, John Kenison, and his dog, Buddy. Zeller says she captured the moment spontaneously at her birthday celebration.


It’s as hard to keep up with food buzzwords as it is to figure out what they mean, and “artisan” is one of those words. It pops up everywhere but eludes definition. Some claim it’s another way to say “gourmet”—but does that mean that McDonald’s artisan chicken sandwich is gourmet? Hmmm.


Watermark Stationery hosted an open house in April to celebrate their new space and launch new products. The business moved into a larger retail space and now offers three-tiered wedding services as it partners with Robert Evans Imagery and Kismet Event Group.


Excelsior Real Estate celebrated their 10th year of serving clients with a client appreciation party at the Excelsior Brewing Company. Owners Aaron and Adrienne Thompson hosted with managing partner Kathy Barclay, with live music and catering by Joey Nova’s.


The General Store of Minnetonka takes “retail therapy” very seriously. Every Thursday night, they hold Girls’ Night Out, or GNO. Between 5 and 8 p.m., customers can enjoy half-price wine, as well as food like flatbread, soup and salad (all at regular price) at the General Store Cafe and Bistro.


A stark white building with the single painted phrase “Golden Rule” stands out as a recent addition to the shops on Water Street in Excelsior.


There’s a familiar energy in the air this day at Shakopee’s Canterbury Park: anticipation. Eagerness to get out of the gate. Eyes trained on the start.


It takes a certain type of person to find creative (and retail) value in the odds and ends that accumulate from decades of work as a professional plumber and contractor.


Kristie Friedrichs spent 7 years as an intensive care nurse before responding to an ad for a nursing position with Dr. Peter Vogt at Wayzata Plastic Surgery. That was 13 years ago, and she’s since become a registered nurse and one of the top injectionists in the state.


Horseback riding and yoga may not be an obvious pairing, but spend a few minutes with Excelsior resident Andrew Seifert and you will soon be convinced that these two sports bring out the best in one another.


John McGary was born to be a contractor. And after growing up in Wayzata, he was also destined to end up at home in the Lake Minnetonka area.


The Excelsior Welcome Center lives up to its name in every imaginable way. Located in the heart of downtown Excelsior at 37 Water Street, the center is staffed by residents who live in, and love, the Excelsior area.


Krista Fragola, owner of Maha! Boutique in Wayzata, says that when it comes to fall fashion, always stick to the classics.


What do you get when you combine modern architecture with a desire to help kids learn more about how to embrace nature? For two Excelsior married couples, Charles Stinson and Carol Eastlund, and David Paul Seymour and Shannon Seymour, only one thing comes to mind: a book series.


When the Gold Nugget Tavern and Grille does a “Beer Dinner,” they do more than just pair their beer with food: They incorporate it into just about everything.


A Breezy Break

In March, Lake Minnetonka Magazine writer Michelle Westlund and her husband Jeff lounged on the beach in Fort Myers, Fla., while browsing our Pets and Garden issues. (Pictured above)

An Island City


Using more than 200 photos, some of which had never before been published, the lake area’s three historical societies recently teamed up to compile a short history of Lake Minnetonka.


The annual Excelsior Apple Day celebration will take place this year on September 19. New this year is a 1-mile kids’ run, open to children of all ages.