Kara Schmitz’ Photograph Flying Fish

Photographer captures a spontaneous moment on the dock.

Filled with long days on the lake along with sunshine and memories that will last a lifetime, a summer spent in Minnesota is a summer spent right.

Kara Schmitz enjoys summer just as much as the next Minnesotan, and she captures some of her fondest moments in photos of her family, scenery and everything else that makes the lake area  home.

Last August, Schmitz snapped a photo of her 6-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son jumping off of a dock into the refreshing waters of Crescent Beach, near Schmitz’ home.

“I love that the image shows each of their personalities—one slightly reserved and the other all-in,” Schmitz says.

The photo was captured on Schmitz’ iPhone 5s, which she frequently uses to snap photos of her children, as well as wildlife in her backyard. She also enjoys framing images of landscapes, all of which can be found on her Instagram photography page.

Schmitz’ photo, Flying Fish, was a winner in Lens on Lake Minnetonka 2016 in the Activities and Events category.