Kid's Sports at Alchemy Developmental Soccer Club

At Alchemy Developmental Soccer Club, it’s all about skills.

For the past two years, Donny Mark was the assistant coach of the Twin Cities’ professional soccer team, Minnesota United, giving him a front-row seat to see what makes a high-level athlete succeed. “In order to play at a higher level, you have to develop as a player,” Mark explains. Now, he’s the director of Alchemy Developmental Soccer Club, housed in the Alchemy Sports Complex; the club opened in August. It’s the first soccer club in the state to have its own facility aimed at helping young players develop into collegiate-level athletes.

To prioritize player development, Alchemy DSC focuses on technical skills, rather than being results-only-oriented. “You’re not going to do long division until you can do simple math,” Mark says. He hopes this holistic approach to training will create young players who love the sport and set them up for a lifetime of successful soccer.