Kowalski’s Market Opens Its Doors in Excelsior

Kowalski’s Market arrives as another Excelsior food destination.

In March 1986, Red Owl Country Store in White Bear Lake was the first location to be converted to a Kowalski’s Market. Twenty-nine years later, there are nine Kowalski’s markets in the Twin Cities area. The 10th opens this June at 440 Water Street in Excelsior.

The 18,000-square-foot store will boast a Starbucks and wine shop, but these aren’t the features that Kowalski’s Market prides itself on most. “We have family recipes and specialty items you won’t find anywhere else,” vice president of operations Mike Oase says. “We’re always trying to bring new, unique things to the market.”

According to Oase, Kowalski’s has had its eyes n Excelsior for years. “We’ve always liked that it’s small and has a unique feel. We’ve always wanted to be out here.” With an opening date set for late July, Kowalski’s Market welcomes Excelsior residents.