Lake Minnetonka’s Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries bring community to local neighborhoods.

A new experiment has been sprouting around the Twin Cities and across the country. Little Free Libraries are small book exchanges found in neighborhoods. You can spot them as a small box on a post, filled with books free for the taking.

With five around the Lake Minnetonka area and many more nearby, the growing trend has added a sense of community to lake neighborhoods.

“It has been a wonderful gathering place, and I have met many interesting people,” says Nancy Powell, who has a library outside her Minnetonka home.

Because the books are free, it would seem the libraries wouldn’t have much longevity. However, most people who take a book also leave a book, keeping these little huts full.  with 20 to 30 books at a time.

The response has been great. “All the neighbors seem to like the idea; I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more sprout up in Excelsior this summer,” says Mike Maloney, whose little library sits on a pedestrian-heavy street in Excelsior.

Little Free Libraries near you:

  • 231 Third St., Excelsior
  • 5757 Sunset Rd., Mound
  • 6311 Steller Circle, Excelsior
  • 5345 Mayview Rd., Minnetonka
  • 14325 Stewart Ln., Minnetonka