Lake Minnetonka Area Outdoor Skating Rinks

Grab your skates and head outdoors for some al fresco winter fun.

The cold doesn’t need to cramp your style. Grab your friends and family, some long underwear and a thermos of hot chocolate, and make your way to any one of the outdoor ice rinks in the neighborhood.


  • McKenzie Park, 14950 McKenzie Blvd.
  • Covington Park, 18920 Manchester St.
  • Meadow Park, 2725 Oakland Rd.
  • Boulder Creek Park, 5948 Stoneybrook Dr.
  • Gatewood School, 14900 Gatewood Dr.
  • Glen Lake School, 4801 Woodridge Rd.
  • Gro Tonka Park, 17003 Prospect Place
  • Spring Hill Park, 16714 Seymour Dr.


  • Klapprich Park, 340 Park St. E.


  • Hackberry Park, one block north of Watertown Road on Willow Drive
  • Casco Skating Rink, one block south of Shoreline Drive on Casco Point Road


  • Manor Park, 20600 Manor Rd.
  • Badger Park, 5755 Country Club Rd.
  • Cathcart Park, 26655 W. 62nd St.
  • Silverwood Park- 5755 Covington Rd.