Lake Minnetonka Etsy Wedding Vendors

Six local artisans from Etsy are eager to add some fresh flavor to your wedding day.

The Invitations

Etsy handle: IzzyBShop

It’s said that first impressions are everything—and this is no less true in the bridal business. Wedding invitations often set the tone for the entire event, and every year millions of brides spend hours searching for that perfect blend of class and elegance or quirkiness and fun.

Amy Haggerty realized this firsthand after finding little success in the planning of her own 2009 wedding, and has since spent her time creating invitations, programs and cards which can be tailored to a couple’s exact specifications.

All of Haggerty’s products are personally designed and handcrafted, with careful attention to detail. Though Haggerty admits to having a special fondness for subtle Irish undertones and nature-inspired themes, the end product is always guaranteed to fit your vision and add a unique touch to your special day.


The Personalized Piece

Etsy handle: Elygoldart

Any bride can appreciate someone who pays attention to detail, and there is no one more mindful than Ely Greenhut. Greenhut began crafting intricate wooden models during childhood, apprenticed with a jeweler in his early twenties, and has since spent his time crafting personalized charms, pendants and nameplates from his home studio.

Greenhut’s creations begin as an original template laid out on gold or sterling silver sheet metal, personalized with a custom name engraving, and finished with a fine polish or 3-D surfacing.

Over the last 30 years, Greenhut has commissioned necklaces, charms, pendants and earrings to outfit the bride on her special day, as well as matched sets for bridesmaid gifts and cufflinks for the groomsmen.


The Purse

Etsy handle: lisamariecarl

Lipstick? Check. Safety pins? Check. Tissues? Double check. Now the real question—where to put it all? A quick perusal of bridal shops and retail stores will land you the typical, cookie-cutter clutch, but if you’re looking for something a little more personalized, Lisa Marie Carl has your answer.

A few years ago, after becoming frustrated in her own search for the perfect purse, Carl decided to put her graphic design background and sewing skills to good use, and Sassy’s Accessories was born.  

Since then, Carl has been creating handmade, unique purses and tote bags, tailored to fit whatever needs or wants her customers may have. According to Carl, there’s a real “‘one-of-a-kind’ custom aspect of Sassy’s that you just can’t find in other stores,” and all her bags are competitively priced, with most between $25–75.

So whether you’re in need of the perfect, personalized bridesmaid gift or still looking for that “something blue,” Sassy’s Accessories may be the perfect solution for your special day.


The Bling

Etsy handle: lindsaylein

What girl hasn’t gone through her jewelry box, fondly picking out the earrings she wore on her first date, the necklace her parents gave her graduation night or the elegant brooch she got from her late grandmother?  Jewelry can hold a surprising amount of memories, and no one is more aware of this than Lindsay Lein.

Lein began her foray in to jewelry making in grade-school, making friendship bracelets for her girlfriends out of bits of colored wire. Though her mediums have since evolved, Lein has continued to incorporate the same thoughtful process into every piece she puts out.

Over the years, Lein has dabbled in resins and chain, though she’s more recently been working in brass filigrees, crystals and pearls. Vintage jewelry—taken apart and repurposed into more modern, wearable pieces—are also popular go-tos for Lein’s creations.

To date, Lein has worked on larger, matched sets for bridal parties as well as one-of-a-kind bridal pieces that are sure to become treasured heirlooms in years to come.


The Guest Favors

Etsy handle: LaPlaisance

Growing up, many of us were all about being “fancy”—trying on Mom’s high-heeled shoes and swooning over Grandma’s sparkling earrings. Sarah Woelfle remembers that nostalgic sense of wonder fondly, and has made it her goal to incorporate that special sentiment into everything she creates.

A quick perusal through Woelfle’s site, LaPlaisance, reveals intricately embellished boxes perfect for garnishing a plate with sweet after-dinner mints or dainty cookies, as well as elegantly engineered ribbon corsages, beautiful keepsakes for bridal parties and close friends.

Woelfle works closely with brides, incorporating colors, patterns and designs that are harmonious to the wedding theme while simultaneously creating something unique and uncommon. According to Woelfle, the possibilities are endless—“anyone who is looking to add something fancy to their parties or events will find something special in my shop.”


The Embellishments

Etsy handle: The MadStamper

Every bride worries about the big things—the dress, the flowers, the music—but oftentimes, it’s the little touches that really make a wedding memorable. Lucky for us, this is where Karen Conkey—aka “The Mad Stamper”—specializes.

Conkey has been stamping for the past nine years, and though her style has evolved over time, her enthusiasm has never wavered. Since joining Etsy in March 2009, Conkey’s talents have been emblazoned on place cards, table numbers, custom thank you cards, centerpiece containers, and the classic “Just Married” banners, just to name a few.

Currently, Conkey specializes in pieces with a simple, vintage styling and understated elegance, though she emphasizes that the end product is all about the special day her clients envision. “Anything goes these days,” says Conkey, “so the styles and themes that couples choose are really exciting and creative.”