Lake Minnetonka Women Mayors Group

Five female mayors in the lake area meet monthly to talk shop.

You might have noticed the five women building friendships and discussing work during monthly meetings at area restaurants, as they’re more than mere lunch companions. That’s right—five communities in the lake area are home to female mayors who’ve banded together to swap advice and insights into a common goal of improving their communities.

“It’s not really anything official,” says founding member and Minnetonka Beach mayor Joann Anderson, noting the first meeting was between her and Spring Park mayor Sarah Reinhardt in August 2010. “It was a very good lunch in both establishing friendships and discussing business.” The two set a date to meet the following month, inviting other female mayors in the area to join them. Their group now includes mayors of Minnetrista, Victoria and Greenwood.

“Just in conversation you pick up lots of helpful tips,” says Anderson. “It has been a gratifying experience … Women take this job seriously, and if you take it seriously, it takes a lot of time.” She believes that women’s increasing involvement in politics represents the evolution of a political movement.