Learning Expressions

Sometimes you scrunch.

Minnetonka resident Christine Conlin can now cross “publish a book” off her to-do list. Her children’s book Who Sees Your Scrunchy Face? was published in April.

The book’s main character, 7-year-old Jack, is learning that you can’t have everything you want—and sometimes his “scrunchy face” appears. “It’s really about getting kids to show their expressions, and it’s OK to have those expressions,” says Conlin. With reflective material on the covers, young readers can see what their own scrunchy and happy faces look like.

While Conlin has been in technology marketing for 15 years, she’s been passionate about writing her whole life. “I get so excited when I see first- and second-graders walking around with books versus having their face in a screen.” And what inspired the book? Believe it or not, Conlin’s was the original “scrunchy face.”

Visit the Scruncy Faces website to learn more about Christine Conlin and Who Sees Your Scrunchy Face? Books can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, amazon.com and itascabooks.com.

Who Sees Your Scrunchy Face? is also available at the General Store of Minnetonka, including signed copies.