Lens on Lake Minnetonka Photo Contest Winner Pam Guttman

Local photographer’s artistic vision for images was reinvigorated through her kids’ sports games.

Pam Guttman sees things others don’t. That’s probably why the photo she snapped last winter at the Freewheel Frozen Frolic bike race on Lake Minnetonka won second place in the Activities category of the Lens on Lake Minnetonka Photo Contest.

“My husband got me out of the house that cold winter day and to the race with the enticement of bringing my camera,” Guttman says, laughing. “Most of the ride was over when we left the main ice area. We walked up to get warm and that’s when I saw this shot.”

Guttman gets her inspiration from light and shape. She’ll often stop along the side of the road to zoom in on a wilted flower or an old wooden bridge.

“I notice things that other people don’t see,” she explains. “You can’t really plan or prepare for it.”

Guttman started dabbling in photography in high school but was reinvigorated when her two kids were young and playing soccer. “I would take between 200 and 300 pictures per game. I’d just follow the action and follow the ball,” she says.

Besides great architectural foundations and beautiful botany, Guttman has a new subject: Her grandson, 7-month-old Aiden.