Lily European Interior Design Tips

Five ways to rejuvenate your home interior this season.
Pillows at Lily European Inspired Furnishings.

Longer days are putting the bounce back in our step, which makes it prime time to revamp our home decor. Here are five ways to spruce up your abode, with help from Susan C. Hoffman, owner of Lily European Inspired Furnishings in Minnetonka.


Big or small, mirrors are a great way to brighten the spaces in our home that normally wouldn’t see the light of day. Wall-hung mirrors are a tried and true way to make a room feel more spacious, but try adding one with an eglomise detail. Gold leaf applied to the back of glass gives an aged, romantic look, and Hoffman recommends placing a mirror like this above a mantel.


Something so functional can also be beautiful. It’s easy to add a touch of elegance when guests are over for coffee, and after the conversation is over, a pressed metal tray can decorate an ottoman. Hoffman says, “It doesn’t have to cover an entire table to catch your eye.”


While a wall hanging might be the simplest way to dress up a bare wall, Hoffman recommends finding artistic images on a small chest or table.  It’s unexpected on furniture, and artwork in general can freshen up a room. Plus, children can finally see hand-painted art up close.


If you can’t have Marge Carson fabric (Hoffman calls it the “Cadillac of upholstery companies”) on your sofa, then add French Aubusson pillows. These have some of the finest needlework you’ll see, and Hoffman likens the designs to artwork because of the great detail. “We really do a lot of these here,” she says, and with good reason: they’re so soft!

Something Floral

Nature can be incorporated into any bit of interior design. Whether it’s a French country floral print bedspread or a foliage adorned pitcher for the kitchen table, adding something floral is Hoffman’s way of pulling in nature, which never goes out of style.


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